PhD Programmes


1 Curriculum and Instruction Department of Educational Sciences 
2 Educational administration and supervision
3 Psychological Counseling and Guidance 
4 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
5 Educational Technology 
6 Art Education Department of Fine Arts Education
7 Music Education 
8 Education of Mentally Handicapped Department of Special Education
9 Special Education
10 Education of Visually Impaired
11 Biology Education Department of Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education
12 Physics Education
13 Chemistry Education
14 Mathematics Education
15 Geography Education Department of Secondary Education Social Studies 
16 Philosophy Group Education
17 History Education
18 Turkish Language Education 
19 Preschool Education Department of Primary Education 
20 Social Studies Education
21 Primary Mathematics Education
22 Elementary Science Education
23 Primary Education
24 German Language Teaching Department of Foreign Language Education
25 Arabian Language Teaching
26 French Language Teaching
27 English Language Teaching
28 Turkish Language Teaching Department of Turkish Education
29 Physical Education and Sports  Department of Physical Education and sports 
30 Tourism Administration Education Department of Tourism Administration Education 
31 Graphic Education Department of Applied Arts Education
32 Child Development Education Department of Child Development Education
33 Family Economics Education Department of Family Economics and Nutrition Education
34 Clothing Art and Clothing Industry Education Department of Clothing Industry and Fashion Design Education
35 Computer Education and Instructional Technology  Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology 


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