About Us


 The Graduate School of Educational Sciences  aims to bring up leading educators inside or outside our county, who can take active roles in the construction of the future of prosperous Turkey by using the experience and power of our nation’s past and  to develop contemporary individuals, who are full of love of  country and humanity ,“ free in idea and free in conscience” as stated by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, whose name our University proudly has taken, and bring up individuals, capable of internalizing national and universal values  and developing them.


The Graduate School of Educational Sciences has the vison to be a nationally and internationally leading institute, in which original, creative, intellectual and advanced research studies are carried out, by benefitting from the most advanced and scientific research and technology in its all activities, the main target of which are to train individuals in its essence, in line with its commitment to fulfilling the mission rightly.

Our Values

Gazi University, based on the fundamental principles of our Republic is an institute,

  • Believing in the leadership of the science and glorifying  creativity and original thinking,
  • In which all kinds of opinions and ideas can be expressed in peace and tolerance  and which is free, polyphonic, fair and transparent, and has academic and ethical values​​,
  • Believing that education pioneer the social development,
  • Satisfying its employees and which as a member you are proud of.
  • Aware of respecting the environment and its social responsibility.





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