2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester Applications for Graduate Programs
15 June 2021 | 15:21

Students will be admitted to our graduate programs in the Fall Semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Important dates, quota and Specific Requirements and other information are listed below. Applications/final registrations will be online and the documents requested during the application will be uploaded to the system by our candidate students.

Before applying, it is important to carefully examine the pages and other announcements under the headings of General Application Requirements, Quota and Specific Requirements, Online Application and Documents to be uploaded.




Online application and approval of registration


21 June- 16 July 2021

ANnouncement of applicants having right to enroll in graduate programs


9 August 2021


Online final registration of applicants for graduate programs


It will be announced








Attention for International Students:

ALES and foreign language proficiency will not be required in the applications. Undergraduate CGPA for our Master's Programs (According to the Higher Education Council Grade Conversion Table) was determined as 2.3 and for our Doctorate Programs as 2.5. Achievement score will be calculated based on CGPA score only. Click for Documents to be submitted to the system by international students. Announced quota for international students is determined for those who study with their own means. You should review our university's directive on related topic. Click for Gazi University Admission Directive for international students.

►► Gazi University International Student Admission Directive Article 11-(2): The candidate applying to the graduate program must certify that he has at least B2 level Turkish proficiency in the Turkish proficiency exam held within the framework of the principles determined by the Gazi University TÖMER Directorate before pre-registration. Candidates who do not have at least B2 level Turkish proficiency certificate are registered to the related graduate program. For students whose Turkish level is not sufficient, one year is allowed for the Turkish preparatory course at Gazi University TÖMER and this period is not included in the maximum duration of the relevant program. The registration of the candidate who does not submit his/her document for any reason other than the excuses specified in Gazi University's Right and Valid Causes Directive within the specified period is cancelled. Candidates who do not have a Turkish proficiency certificate should notify to graduate school via e-mail

►► The candidates who do not have a TÖMER Certificate (Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate), graduate students from Turkey, and candidates who want to have their Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate (acquired out of Gazi University) approved by TÖMER will be able to access detailed information at

Bank Account for Examination and Evaluation Fee: International students should pay $100 for evaluation fee to the account given below and submit their receipt to the application system.


Since detailed information and possible changes regarding the student admission process to the Graduate Programs will be announced on the web address of the Institutes, those concerned should follow these pages regularly. Responsibility for missing documents and false statements belongs to the candidate. In this case, the registration of the candidate will be cancelled even if the registration is accepted.

With the decision of our University Senate;

1. There will be no interviews and/or written exams in master's and doctoral programs with/without thesis.

2. Percentage weights for ALES score (at least 50%), Cumulative Grade Point Average (AGNO) and Foreign Language proficiency score to be used in the evaluation will be decided by the Graduate School Executive Board with the Academic Board Decision of relevant department.

3. ALES and Foreign Language requirements will not be required for applications to non-thesis master's programs. Evaluations will be conducted according to the Bachelor's Grade, Grade Point Average (AGNO). GPA should be at least 2.30 to apply.

4. Candidates have the right to choose a maximum of two (except non-thesis programs) graduate programs at Gazi University.

ALES score is not required for the applications of graduates of PhD, Specialization in Medicine (TUS), Specialization in Dentistry (DUS), Specialization in Pharmacy (EUS) to graduate and / or doctoral programs.  ALES score to be included in the calculations for applications to the relevant programs has been determined as 70 by the decision of the Gazi University Senate. Students who meet the program specific requirements will be able to apply.

Dear candidates, due to the busyness of the phone lines during the application dates, faster and more efficient solution will be provided if you send your questions, information requests or the system warning message regarding the technical problem you are experiencing to by specifying the screen shot and your ID Number.

Student Hotline (0312) 202 37 64 , 202 37 72


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