Non-Thesis Master's-Semester Project

Before submitting their term projects, the students who have master's degree without thesis must pass the formal control and plagiarism screening of their project reports. In this direction, the process that students who do a Master's without Thesis should follow is as follows.

Have your project report reviewed using the Turnitin plagiarism detection program with your advisor.

Fill and sign the S-21 Graduate Thesis Similarity Form on the Institute website with your advisor.

Please apply to the institute with the P-21 Graduate Thesis Similarity Form, the first page of the similarity rate report showing the similarity rate, a spiral bound copy of your Term Project signed with the phrase "Suitable" by your advisor, and a CD that can be accessed electronically in PDF version.

After your application, your project report will be screened for plagiarism by the "Turnitin" program responsible and will be formally examined by the "Thesis Review Committee". The results of these examinations will be announced in the “Thesis/Thesis Proposal Tracking System” on the institute website.

If your Term Project is suitable for defense as a result of the examinations, you can take the necessary documents from our institute and submit your Term Project to your advisor for presentation.

The term project presentation report is signed and delivered to the Institute within 3 days following the presentation with the approval of the Head of the Department.

After the presentation, the student must submit the bound version of the term project and the dismissal documents (S-29 Non-Thesis Master's Dismissal Document) to the Graduate School within 3 days.

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