Our History

The current graduate programs in the field of Educational Sciences within Gazi University have been carried out under the umbrella of the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Science since 1983. Later, it was necessary to continue its activities as a separate institute, since Educational Sciences was a separate field of specialization from social sciences and natural sciences. In this context, with the decision of YÖK dated 04.11.1997 and numbered 97.39.2761, "G.Ü. Graduate School of Educational Sciences” was established. Gazi University Graduate School of Educational Sciences first started to serve in three small rooms on the ground floor of "K Block", which was then known as the Bosnia Building in the Central Campus. In this building for about four years since its establishment; From 7 May 2001 to 17 August 2009, Maltepe/Ali Suavi Sok. No: 15; As of August 17, 2009, Gazi University Central Campus Milas Sok. It served at No: 15. As of 2013, our institute still continues its educational activities in Central Campus A Block No: 30.

In accordance with the purpose specified in Article 4 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Institute of Educational Sciences is to become an outstanding member of the world of science by conducting high-level scientific studies and research, producing information, disseminating science data, and supporting development and contributing to universal and contemporary developments. continues its activities in line with its goals,As of 2016, 3 Departments and 5 Departments of Non-Thesis Master's Degree; There are 22 Departments and 50 Sciences in Master's and Doctorate Programs.


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