Application Requirements in General (2021-2022 Fall Semester)




It is important to examine the program requirements and other announcements of the relevant graduate school before applying, since Gazi University can set criteria and specific requirements above the minimum application requirements in terms of the Graduate School/Department and Programs.


  1. Since detailed information and possible changes regarding the student admission process to the Graduate Programs will be announced on the web address of graduate school, those concerned should follow these pages regularly. Missing documents and false declarations are the responsibility of the candidate. Even if the candidates who are found not to comply with the general conditions or the specific requirements of the programs are able to make an application or final registration through the Application System; the registration of such candidates will be cancelled in accordance with the article of Gazi University Graduate Education and Exam Regulations on Registration Procedures.
  1. Candidates who have a bachelor's degree or equivalency/graduation recognition certificate issued by the Council of Higher Education and who can graduate until the final registration date can apply to graduate programs.
  2. Candidates who have a master's degree or a master's equivalence / school recognition certificate issued by the Council of Higher Education can apply to doctoral programs.
  3. Students who graduated from non-thesis master's programs before 06/02/2013 or who enrolled in a non-thesis master's program before this date can apply to doctoral programs.
  4. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and other necessary information of the candidates applying to master's programs are acquired from YÖKSİS (for those who have graduated or will graduate from higher education institutions in Turkey). For the students whose applications are conditionally accepted, the cumulative grade point average in the YÖKSİS database at the date of application is accepted. Changes that may occur in the GPA of these candidates in the YÖKSİS database after the application date are not taken into account. Candidates whose applications are conditionally accepted gain the right to enroll if their graduation grade point averages meet the application criteria. Candidates who are not registered with YÖKSİS are required to complete the YÖKSİS registration and update procedures by the higher education institutions they will graduate/graduate from at the time of application. Note: Undergraduate students who reach the graduation stage but have not graduated yet, and who will apply to the Master's Programs, must fill in and upload the Conditional Enrollment Petition instead of the Diploma Certificate under the Documents heading in the Application System. For Conditional Registration Petition (For those who may graduate) Click here..
  5. The calculation of the graduation grade or cumulative grade point average is based on the 4 and 100 system conversion table of the Higher Education Council. The graduation grades of the candidates who graduated/will graduate with the 100 point system are converted to the 4 system, but the point value in the 100 system is used in the evaluation process.
  6. Candidates who have completed the Bachelor's/Thesis Master's program abroad must have the equivalence/graduation recognition certificate of their diplomas obtained from the Higher Education Council.
  7. In matters not mentioned above, Gazi University Application Principles for Graduate Education, Application Principles for Doctoral Education, Gazi University Foreign Student Admission Directive, Senate decisions and conditions announced by the graduate school are taken into consideration.
  8. Tables used in graduate applications:

• Diploma grade: Click for the equivalents of the grades in the 4th system of the Higher Education Council for the 100th system.

• Foreign Language: Click for ÖSYM Foreign Language Exams Equivalency.

• GRE – GMAT: Click for the equivalence table of GRE-GMAT exam results used instead of ALES.


►With the decision numbered 2021/112 of our University Senate at its meeting dated 16/04/2021 and numbered 08, in 2021-2022 Fall Semester Graduate Education Applications;

1. There will be no interviews and/or written exams in master's and doctoral programs with/without thesis.

2. ALES score (at least 50%), Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and Foreign Language Score percentage weights to be used in the evaluation are decided by the Graduate School Executive Board with the Academic Board Decision of relevant Department.

3. ALES and Foreign Language requirements will not be required for applications to non-thesis master's programs. Placement will be made according to the Bachelor's Grade Grade Point Average (AGNO), and a minimum CGPA of 2.30 will be required for application.

4. Candidates have the right to choose a maximum of two (except non-thesis programs) graduate programs at Gazi University.

5. Except for non-thesis master's programs, it is not possible to enroll and continue in more than one graduate program at the same time.


Gazi University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations

Registration procedures

ARTICLE 7 – (1) Final registration procedures are carried out within the period announced by the relevant graduate school on the website and in accordance with the principles announced.

(2) Candidates who do not make the final registration within the deadline lose their right to register. Instead of these candidates, candidates in the reserve list are accepted by announcing in order. Responsibility for following the announcements and updates regarding these announcements belongs to the candidates.

 (3) Except for the non-thesis master's programs, it is not possible to enroll and continue in more than one graduate program at the same time.

In Article 39-(3), "The student is obliged to follow up the messages sent to his e-mail address." According to the provision, all kinds of notifications to the student will be made by sending them to the student's e-mail address in the Student Affairs Information System.

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