Course Registration Process

COURSE REGISTRATION PROCESS: Attention for Graduate Students and Their Supervisors!

The system for the course registration of the 2020-2021 academic year for graduate students will be activated on February 11, 2021 at 14:00; It will end on February 15, 2021 at 23:59. Between 16-17 February 2021, the system will be active for Interactive Supervisor Approvals. Our students will be able to pay their tuition fees with their Halkbank student number.

You can find detailed information about Course Registration Procedures under the following headings.

1. Recently admitted students can click here for their Student Number!

2. Student Course Registration Procedures Click here for the guide!

3. Click here for the narrated video about the course registration process!

4. Click for the narrative video about the supervisor approval process!

5. Click for 2020-2021 Academic Year Contributions / Tuition Fees!

6. G.U. regulations dated 02.10.2020 and numbered 2020/325 on the determination of tuition and tuition fees. Click here for appendix of Executive Board.

7. Student OBS Login / Click here to register! (Our students' first login password to the system is the first 5 digits of their Turkish Identity Number. The passwords for new foreign students were sent by e-mail.)

►As it is known, the name of the programs ending with “Teaching” in Graduate Programs of our Graduate School was changed to “Education”.

Our students enrolled in Teaching Programs are required to choose the programs ending with “education” while enrolling in the Student Information System.

Also; Since the name of the Educational Administration and Supervision Program has been changed to Educational Administration, the course registration will be made in the same way.

Students who will choose a course from the Graduate School Joint Program mentioned above must choose from the -NON-CURRICULUM/NON-DEPARTMENT COURSES- menu on the SIS course registration screen.

Joint Program Courses for Educational Sciences: Click for course schedules and points to be considered!

► Courses and Program Duration

Master's Program with Thesis: on condition that it is not less than 60 credits; it consists of at least 9 courses including a thesis preparation course, a course including scientific research techniques and research and publication ethics and a seminar. The student should have minimum 120 credits along with thesis study courses.

The duration of the master's program with thesis is 4 semesters regardless of whether the students are registered or not, beginning from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in, excluding the time spent in scientific preparation. The program may be completed in 6 semesters at most.

On the condition that one academic semester is not less than 60 credits; Ph.D. programs consist of at least 240 credits including a course on scientific research techniques, research and publication ethics, a seminar course. The students should have  at least 9 courses including the thesis preparation course, qualifying exam and thesis study.

For those who are admitted with a master's degree, excluding the time spent in scientific preparation, the doctorate program is eight semesters, regardless of whether they enroll for each semester, beginning from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in. The maximum completion period is twelve semesters. The maximum period of successful completion of the compulsory and elective courses required for the doctorate program is four semesters for those admitted with a master's degree.

►Details of Joint Courses for Graduate Schools

Clich here to see resolutions determined at 13th meeting of Gazi University Senate on 26.09.2019 related to offering Joint Postgraduate Courses at Graduate Schools(Containing Seminar, Scientific Research Methods and Ethics, Thesis Preparation, Qualifying Exam, Thesis Study and Term Project Courses, Theory, Application and ECTS Information).


 ►Details of Thesis Preparation, Thesis Study and Qualifying Exam Courses:

Click for the details of the "Preparation for the Master's Thesis" Course!

Click here for the details of the 'Master's Thesis Study' Course! (Selected from the section opened to the supervisor)

Click for the details of the "PhD Thesis Preparation" Course (Selected from the section opened to the supervisor)

Click for the details of the "Qualification Exam" Course! (Selected from the section opened on behalf of the Department)

Click for the details of the "PhD Thesis Study" Course (Selected from the section opened to the supervisor)

Students in Non-Thesis Master's Programs: First, you will choose the course from the system, and then you are expected to pay 600 Turkish liras per course in the bank. If they want to pay their fees in the bank before course registration, the total fee for the semester will be seen. Course approvals will not be completed for students who do not pay their fees after course registration.


►For technical problems related to course registration: If you encounter any problem about registration process, please send an email to  including your Student Number, program and the system warning message regarding the problem.


Gazi University Postgraduate Education and Examination Regulations

Semester registration, course taking, add-drop and increasing grades

ARTICLE 8 – (1) Each student completes the course taking process within the periods specified in the academic calendar and renews his/her registration for the relevant semester. Students who do not renew their registration within the specified period cannot attend classes and exams in that semester.

(2) If the student does not have an excuse based on legitimate and valid reasons accepted by the Senate, s/he has to renew his registration every semester. Students who fail to renew their registration within the specified period due to an excuse, may renew their registration within the additional period determined in the academic calendar, if their excuse is accepted by the graduate school executive board.

(3) The semester in which the student does not re-register is counted as part of the education period.

(4) Semester course registration is valid after it is approved by the student and the supervisor. Students who exceed the duration of the program pay a contribution fee or tuition fee in accordance with the provisions of Article 46 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547.

(5) Students who have completed their semester registration process may have add and drop courses on the add-drop dates specified in the academic calendar. Students who are not assigned an supervisor can select the courses with the head of the department and have their approval until their supervisor is appointed.

(6) Students who want to increase their AGNO can repeat a course. The last achievement grade obtained in the semester in which the course is repeated is valid.

ARTICLE 22 – b) If the student cannot successfully complete the compulsory and elective courses in the curriculum at the end of the four semesters or fails to fulfill the achievement conditions/criteria determined by the recommendation of the graduate school executive board of directors and the approval of the Senate, the student is dismissed from the graduate school by the decision of the executive board.


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