Turkish World Educational Sciences Congress-II
16 November 2022 | 11:54

Dear Colleagues,


We invite you to the Gazi University International Congress of Turkish World Educational Sciences (GUTDEK II), which we will organize face-to-face and online, between 16-18 November 2022.

    Gazi University Turkish World Educational Sciences Congress is an international congress organized within the body of Gazi University Educational Sciences Institute in cooperation with GUZEM. The main theme of the congress was determined as "Educational Science Studies". The congress aims to share the expertise, experience and scientific studies of educational scientists from different countries in the Turkish world, to develop cooperation between them, and to create common working areas by being aware of current studies in educational sciences.

We believe that your valuable participants' scientific and educational contributions will be at a high level and an opportunity for productive exchange of views will arise. We 

look forward to seeing you at our congress, which will be held face-to-face and online.

Detailed information can be found at the link below.


Turkish World Educational Sciences Congress-II
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