2. Substitute Placement Results, Final Registrations and Course Registration Steps (2022-2023 Fall) 
8 September 2022 | 13:15

Substitute Candidate Registration Process:

The list of candidates who did not register for the 1st Substitute placement within the time specified for the 1st reserves according to the schedule stated below, as well as the vacant quotas in the programs, has been announced.

For your information. 

EVALUATION RESULTS: (P3: Those who have the right to register from the 2nd substitute list)

► Click for the 2nd substitute list of Turkish Citizens' PhD and Masters with Thesis.
► Click for the 2nd substitute lists for Turkish Citizens Non- Thesis Master's Quotas.
► No candidate is to register with the substitute list of foreign students for Masters with thesis and PhD programs
► There has been no application for Foreign Students Non-Thesis Graduate Programs.

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