Transition Between Graduate Programs (from MA without Thesis to MA with Thesis)
22 August 2022 | 15:19

In accordance with the article of Gazi University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations regarding transition between graduate programs:

ARTICLE 13 - (1) Students who continue their master's program without thesis, provided that they fulfill the minimum requirements determined for the relevant program in the procedures and principles approved by the Senate with the proposal of the relevant department / science department for the master's program with thesis, the decision of the institute board of directors, They can transfer to the master's program with thesis.

(4) Switching between programs can be done once. Transfer students' files are transferred to the new program and they are dismissed from the old program. Recognition of previously acquired qualifications and adjustment procedures of students transferring between programs are arranged according to the procedures and principles determined by the Senate with the decision of the institute board of directors.

Our students who have the right to transfer from the Non-Thesis Master's to the Thesis Master's:




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