Application Results, Final Registration and Course Registration Processes for Graduate Student Admission (2022-2023 Fall)
12 August 2022 | 11:25

Dear Candidates,

The procedures of the main and substitute candidates who have the right to final registration for the programs at our institute will be made online at the relevant network address on the announced dates.


However, if our students are registered in any higher education program except for the Non-Thesis Master's, Undergraduate and Associate's Degree programs, they will not be able to complete the final registration in the system.


Since the data of the candidates who are entitled to final enrollment will be transferred to YÖKSİS, it will be possible to enroll in another higher education institution only by deregistering.


Since student registrations can be deleted within 7 working days at the earliest, it is important to consider this situation when making the final registration process.


After the registration of the main candidates, the registration of the substitute candidates will be started in the order listed.


Registration Process of Substitute Candidates: The list of candidates who have the right to enroll from the 1st reserve will be announced in the order in the lists, according to the schedule specified below, as well as the vacant quotas in the programs. The list of those who have the right to register from the 2nd reserve will be announced as much as the vacant quota.


For answers to your questions about the calculation of the results, please click on the heading of the Evaluation and the announcement of the results below.


Your information.







4-22 July 2022 (17:30)

Candidates' online application and registration approval


(Applications that are not approved in due time are not taken into consideration.)

29 July 2022 Announcement of Candidates Who Will Take the Scientific Evaluation Exams (except for non-thesis master's programs)
3-5 August 2022 Scientific Evaluation Exams and Submission of Minutes to the Institute
12 August 2022 Announcement of final registration winners
01-03 September 2022 Online registration of final enrollees (Main)
September 6, 2022 1. Announcement of those who are entitled to final registration from the reserve
September 7, 2022 1

1.Backup final records (online)

September 8, 2022

2. Announcement of those who are entitled to final registration from the reserve

September 9, 2022 2. Backup final records (online)

Candidates who do not register on the announced dates will lose their registration rights. Please follow our website as dates may change.



Student Numbers are displayed in the Online Registration Processes Menu.

Evaluation Results:


► Click for the evaluation results of Turkish Citizens with Thesis Master and DR Quotas.


 Evaluation results of Turkish Citizens Non-Thesis Master's Quotas:
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  • FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION TC Non-Thesis Master's 22-23 FALL Results Click here..
► Click here for the evaluation results of the Foreign Nationals with Thesis, MA and DR Quotas.


►  There has been no application for Foreign Nationals Non-Thesis Graduate Quotas.


►  Course Registration Processes:

Click for all the details about the COURSE REGISTRATION PROCESS and the Tuition Fees and Tuition Fees!

For technical problems related to the Final Registration Process: A faster and more efficient solution will be produced if you add the Candidate ID Number, the program applied for and the system warning message (screenshot) regarding the problem experienced, and direct it to

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