Preliminary Evaluation Results for Determining the Candidates Who Will Take the Scientific Evaluation Exam (2022-23 Fall)
27 July 2022 | 10:00

In the programs that apply the written and/or interview scientific evaluation exam for student admission to our graduate programs in the Fall Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year; ranking is made according to the ratios (except for the Entrance Exam) to be used in the Calculation of the Success Score determined by the disciplines. Candidates three times as many as the announced quota are taken to the scientific evaluation exam. 
Attention! The rates determined by each program may differ. To view the evaluation rates from the Quota and Special Conditions table.


Application Name Status Result Announcement Date
Instutite of Educational Sciences 2022-2023 Fall (Foreign National) MASTER AND DOCTORAL APPLICATION WITH THESIS CLICK for Foreign National Preliminary Elimination result.. August 12, 2022
Note: The Entrance Exam is not applied for the programs that are not on the list.
Instutite of Educational Sciences 2022-2023 Fall (Foreign National) Non-thesis Master’s Program Application No Application
Instutite of Educational Sciences 2022-2023 Fall (T.R.) Non-thesis Master’s Program Application Results There is no Entrance Exam in Non-Thesis Programs. August 12, 2022
Instutite of Educational Sciences 2022-2023 Fall (TRNC) There is no application for Master Program with Thesis.
Instutite of Educational Sciences 2022-2023 Fall (TR) MASTER AND DOCTORAL APPLICATION  Click on the Title of the Department Below for the Preliminary List. August 12, 2022



Physical Education and Sport Teacher Department

Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies Education

Child Development and Education

Educational Sciences

Department of Fine Arts Education

Department of Mathematics and Science Education

 Department of Special Education

 Department of Basic Education

 Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education

 Department of Foreign Languages

Programs Not In The Preselection List Above      
Educational Technology (PhD No application
Chemistry Education (PhD) No application
French Language Teaching (PhD) No application
Physics Educatıon (PhD) This Semester Does Not Admit Students.

Mathematics Education (MA)                

No Entrance Exam
Geography Education (MA) No Entrance Exam
Turkısh Language And Lıterature Educatıon (MA) No Entrance Exam









1- -Identity card/passport
2--EXAM ENTRANCE CERTIFICATE (Below is an explanatory screenshot to be taken from the Application System by the candidate.)

Example-Calculation of Prequalification Value

% Ratios in Calculating Success Score
ALES For. Lang. CGPA Entrance Exam
55% 10% 10% 25%
% 75*

*Sample table used in the ranking made to determine the Candidates Eligible to Take the Exam.


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