About Thesis Proposal, Term Project and Stylistic Review of Theses
11 August 2022 | 14:43

As of August 15, 2022, the thesis proposal, term project, pre-defense and post-defense theses will be stylistically checked by e-mail only, in order to facilitate students from out of the city and to prevent waste of paper. In order for this process to work efficiently; the students are required to send the relevant documents in both Word and PDF formats to by stating that the documents are thesis proposal, term project, pre-defense thesis or post-defense thesis in the subject section. Students who will submit their thesis proposals should first contact the relevant student affairs personnel and have an Akts check done. The review period for theses is 5 workdays. The fact that our students act by considering the review period will eliminate the problems that will occur in this sense. It is the student's responsibility to set the time for the relevant procedures. After receiving the stylistic approval via e-mail, students are required to hand-deliver their thesis to the institute.

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