Qualifying Exam for Doctoral Students
20 May 2021 | 14:33

Attention for Doctoral Students who will have Qualifying Exam


Procedures for Doctoral Students who will have qualifying exam:

The Qualifying Exam course in Student Information System must be offered on behalf of the related department.

- The doctorate student is obliged to register and approve the "Qualifying Exam" course at the earliest in the third and at the latest in the fifth semester (principles and procedures - courses, course credits and course attending article 12).

- Students enrolled in the doctoral program must have the qualifying exam by the end of the fifth semester at the latest (regulation article 31-3).

- The student must have at least CB from this exam (procedural and doctoral qualification exam item 4).

- Doctoral students who will have Doctoral Qualifying Exam are required to fill in the Student Forms Ö13- Qualifying Exam Petition under the Documents tab on the official web page of the Graduate School of Educational Sciences and apply to the departments.

- During the course registration period, 'Qualifying Exam' and 'Preparation for PhD Thesis' courses must be selected from the Student Information System.

The following forms should be used for the Qualifying Exam Results to be held.


Qualifying Exam (Written) Evaluation Form


Qualifying Exam (Oral) and Final Evaluation Form

* The Final Assessment Grade (Average of Written and Oral Exam Grade) determined in the S-15 Form, must also be graded in the Student Information System.

Gazi University Graduate Education and Examination Regulation dated June 11, 2019

Article 31

(3) Students enrolled in the doctorate program must have the qualifying exam by the end of the fifth semester at the latest.

(4) Doctorate qualifying exams are organized and conducted by a five-person doctoral qualification committee established for each academic year with the offer of the relevant department / branch of science and the approval of the graduate school executive board. The committee organize exam committee to prepare, apply and evaluate exams in different fields. The exam committee consists of five faculty members, including the supervisor, at least two of whom are from outside the higher education institution. The executive board of graduate school decides whether the supervisor has the right to vote or not. If the advisor does not have the right to vote, the committee consists of six faculty members.

(5) Doctoral qualifying exam consists of written and oral exams. Students who are successful in the written exam have the oral exam. * The format, weights, success criteria and the calculation of the grades of the exams are determined by the doctoral qualifying committee. Exam committee evaluate the achievement of the student in written and oral exams and decide whether the student is successful or unsuccessful by absolute majority. This decision is reported to the graduate school within three working days following the qualifying exam by the head of the related departments.

(6) The committee of the doctoral qualifying exam may request the student who passes the exam to have extra course/ courses, even if they have completed the course load, provided that they do not exceed 1/3 of the total course credits. These courses, which are approved by the doctoral qualification committee, are forwarded to the relevant graduate school through the head of related departments. The students has to succeed in the courses they take. The grade of the courses attended with the proposal of the committee is not included in the AGNO.

(7) The students, who fail the qualifying exam, will have the exam for the second time in the next semester for the stage in which they failed.

(8) Students who do not attend any stage of the qualifying exam in doctoral process are deemed to have used this right and failed at that stage.


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